Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One whole bag of ginger in preparation mode.

Last year with our crop of ginger I made crystallized ginger.
I' m really not a huge fan of ginger but after eating it crystallized first getting past my eyes watering phew yes it sure was hot, I found a great way to eat it.
Cheese and chrystallized ginger!!!! together is such an amazing combination. Is anyone else converted to this?
Cheeky little rascally girl had to be a part of it too.
So yesterday was skinning of the ginger, today will be the magical process of crystallizing it.
Yippee oh plus it's sewing day with my mumma (even bigger yippee!!!!)

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  1. Oh I am not a big fan of ginger - but love it in things - each christmas I make fudge & have made ginger fudge for my father in law