Sunday, March 28, 2010

Successful sewing day

Success on my sewing day was had... I just love this dress, it's sophisticated and subtle, imagine with a pair of black heels or even strappy sandals for day.

Boy it's quite a hard thing to make these dresses because I fall in love with every single one!!! Then I have to say bye as it goes to the dress shop.

My rascally boy making chocolate crackles for his school fair he sprinkled 100's & 1000's on top, great idea it made them nice and colourful. His nanny found them at the baking stall and bought 6 for $2.50. Cute, he was so proud.

Hmmm do I see smudges of chocolate on his face? he wouldn't.....would he?

My little rascally girl is looking so much more grown up these days, a real little girl with her locks growing very quickly and becoming more and more beautiful as the days pass.

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