Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Raggin along, not singing a song, enjoying the peace.

Aaah drips of rain falling on a tin roof.

Aaaah baby sleeping soundly, oh so quiet.

Aaaah time to start my next installment of my rag rug!

One sheet down now time to add another one.

I'm loving the contrast in colours as the next sheet is added. It's gone from white, yellow and greens to a maroony brown. This is such an exciting stage.

On other notes I'm still making pencil cases, my lovely mumma came around for our sewing day together (I look forward to these all week) and she bought some great old tough fabrics from her stash that she's collected over decades!

This flower one was actually my grandmothers. I wish there was more of it I would love a skirt out of it, this is the real retro!!

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