Friday, February 12, 2010

Sewing fun

Rascally boy has completely mastered the art of hand sewing (taught to him by his 7 yr old cousin) he's being sewing buttons and sewing little scraps of material onto his big piece.

He's a real natural and can't tear himself away from it even for bed. Poor boy I understand.

I helped him to make a very simple bag the other day and he decided that he wanted to stuff the handle so it was nice and soft. It turned out soo great.

I've really had a finishing off week this week.

I finished a few pairs of shorts for a friends 3 children.
These bright yellow ones are my absolute favourite.

I also will be attempting a rag rug inspired by farmama 's beautiful creation. Aaahhh we'll see. I hope it's not too hard. Wish me luck!!

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