Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jars of love

Our family has grown.... we are now proud owners of Bees!

The big moment, Introducing them to their new home.

Cute little native bees. We have had such an awesome week of observing there behaviours and watching there absolutely amazing display of organisation. What busy little bees they are, I found one on one of our flowers and boy oh boy was little rascally boy excited I don't know though I think I might have been even more excited. It's such a great thing to watch my boy watch and learn so much about nature, it thrills me to my core.

I have been watching our Rosella bush flourish and produce for a couple of weeks knowing the inevitable was bound to come.

Yes the day arrived! Picking, and all that removing of flesh to find the calyx!! Aarrgh!!! I only picked half the bush so in a couple of weeks......Yep that's right.

Anyone who has made Rosella jam before willl completely understand the process of it. But you know what I really love to make it picking them with rascally girl at my side taking them out of the basket as I put them in.....Getting the seed out with my rascally boy and having our hands sting with pricks afterwards, then to stirring oh stirring the pot oh and the aroma!

You see I got there and have 7 beautiful beautiful jars of love.
Grown with love, Made with love, Eaten with love.... love love love!!!

Alright now I'm off to sew sew sew....yippee!

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