Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Too proud

Today... what a momentous day for our family.
My rascally boys first day of school (prep).
I seriously cannot be more proud of my amazing confident most delicious little boy.

When it was time to say goodbye to the parents he just so casually gave me a cuddle and kiss and sat on the mat. I ended up asking for an extra hug before I left. In watching him, he gave me so much more confidence in him than I already had. I am such a proud proud mama at the moment I'm beaming with such intense love.
Anywho moving to another subject - still all love for me.

Here's a little headband I made for rascally little girl to keep the hair out of her eyes. Oh man she's a nightmare keeping anything in her hair hairband, clip so I thought I'd try a headband... nope straight off. You can't see in the photo but I did little white asterix's on it.

I love love love my new dress I made. It is definately a firm favourite.

I'm really not sure weather to put this one up for sale or keep it, but I think I will sell it I'm very very proud of it.

We're going to sell the little motorbike we've had for awhile, we've had so many fun little rides on it. Both kiddies love love love it. I didn't think I'd feel sad about seeing it go really (unwanted noise) .....Memories.

Here's a great little cart rascally boy made with a little help from his Dad Dad. It's great for pulling Rascally girl around the yard in.

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