Friday, January 22, 2010

Homegrown Observation

I've had a day of wondering around the garden breathing in everything I can today. I thought I would share some sights of my day.
Lime tree producing extremely well as always. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with too many limes? Besides cordial.

Rosellas ahh not long now and I'll be busy apicking and amaking some jam and maybe some cordial if we've been good. (soo much sugar though)Oh our beautiful Turmeric popping up to smile at us! Sweet sweet potato in the background.Chookies laying loads of scrumptious eggs for us all. Thankyou chookies. Our Rooster I've named Sargeant he is an amazing rooster he's so protective of his hens best we've ever had. Maybe too protective.

I just have to share what my little rascally boy just came up & said to me. Background info first he calls his granddad "Dad Dad" and Dad Dad is 84. Right now you've got that info, he walked up to me and said....

"I can't believe Dad Dad was born in the olden days and he's not dead! He's still here!"

Hahahahaha so absolutely pure and innocent. I love it!


  1. mmm, I would just cut those limes into wedges, dip into sugar and suck (an old bar trick, a bit like lemon and salt). Or a lime meringue pie. My neighbour's neice, when she found out her uncle was 50, exclaimed 'how is he still ALIVE?'

  2. So funny what kids say!! Love your chickens too - we have 5 naughty ones that are hardly laying anything at the moment!!