Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well I just don't know what was wrong with me today all I did was ironing ironing ironing, but the odd thing is I actually enjoyed it. After ironing the clothes off the line (which I don't usually do) I actually pulled out my cupboard gave half to the charity bag and ironed the rest!!

I'll let you in on a secret of what inspired me.... Have you ever seen a shirt folded like a pro in 2 seconds? well I was shown this today, apparently it's a japanese way of folding which is like origami it's amazing. Pinch here.. pinch there.. pull.. then ta da!! Okay enough enough.

I had a real scare tonight at dinner my 5 year old rascal had a moment of actually seriously choking! Lately he's been keeping food in his mouth for ages and ends up spitting it out, or finds it difficult to swallow, after tonights episode at the dinner table I've decided to take him to the doctor tomorrow. I have a suspicion it's tonsilitis they say you have difficulty swallowing when you have that . Anyway we'll have to wait and see.

We also have Daddy rascals grandma taken to hospital with a red back spider bite (they're around everywhere at the moment), she's in for observation, vomiting, pain in chest all the symptoms. She'll be fine though. She's very Fillipino doesn't speak english or anything and apparently over in the Phillipines they squash spiders with there fingers... so this morning that's exactly what she did!!

Anyway I really need to lighten the load of this incredibly full on day.

Ah that's what we need some finished sewing projects !!!

Baby pants for a friends baby boy, I wanted something not traditionally boyish.

Also this fun to make little bag off the martha stewart website it's reversible and the big strap goes through the little strap to make it secure so nothing falls out.

Better go put my head to the pillow, hope your days weren't anything like mine today! haha

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