Thursday, January 7, 2010

I've got it, got it, got it

Ah, I've got my sewing mojo back!!! Yay today has been a great day! Finished first dress and nearly finished the second. After a few days of no sewing oomph I've got it, got it, got it.

Here's the 1st dress, I just have to find 3 small doilies to put on the right side coming down diagonally from the side of the dress just to finish it off. Op shopping tomorrow (hopefully)
The second dress I'm doing is exactly the same as the dress that I made for myself. The shopowner really liked it so I thought I would definately do at least one or two like that and then do whatever on the rest, so exciting. Doesn't look that great yet as I haven't hemmed the armholes but too excited not to show it. Thought I would also show you my dress I made for myself which started all this dress making fun. It's such a basic easy dress but the lady said it's what her customers are looking for so yay! .


  1. WOW I just LOVE the green dress with the doilies - it is beautiful!
    I was wonderful to meet you today. If you don't find any more doilies come & raid my stash :)

  2. Thanks so much Claire, likewise meeting you, you left me on a high! Thanks so much for the offer of doilies I'll definately keep you in mind.