Monday, January 4, 2010

Natures magic

Oh the absolute beauty happening outside.....rain rain rain it's so magical.

The vege garden is lapping it up as are the fruit trees. I went for a wander around the yard while rascally boy got soaked and splashed in the big puddles. Well this is what greeted me as I walked up to the fig tree......

Nice and plump ready for me to wrap my mouth around, mmmmm so good.

I spent most of the day inside baking today getting ready for Daddy rascals first week back at work with lots of yummy treats.

Carrot cake Daddy's favouriteand cupcakes his other favourite made with love from a rascally boy and rascally mummy.
Look at the concentration!

I've also very nearly completed my 1st dress for the dress shop, I've been frustrating myself with this 1st dress I've been thinking way too hard about what I'm doing, whereas usually when I sew I just go for it and don't think. I need to get back to that otherwise these 5-6 dresses are going to take me a lifetime!!!

Reading over this post it seems the thing on mind today is FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!
I hope anyone who reads my blog doesn't mind all my food photos, you can tell I LOVE FOOD and love to cook, especially for my beautiful family.


  1. Hi, welcome to blogland! I'll definitely look at pics of food, and pics of sewing, great shop too. It can be nerve wracking when you start, but heaps of fun too. On your question a few posts back, I don't use my child's name, especially as it is unusal, and always get permission to show other kids photos. I leave out address and stuff too, that's usually as safe as you can make it. Look forward to reading more soon!

  2. Wow! You are picking figs! Lucky you... I love them. Mine are still a fair way off, but I am heaps to look forward to. So good! BTW- welcome to blogland! x

  3. Good luck with those dresses - well done on getting the first one out of the way - I am sure that you will get quicker and more confidnet about not messing up - It is always nerve rackingsewingand crafting for others:)