Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feeling Spacy

So this blogging thing is really fun isn't it! Now I know why people love to do it. It sort of feels like you're talking to yourself but oh well I'm not that bad to talk to heh heh.

I was doing some clearing out and found a great old spacey sheet and thought I would make the fam some matching pj pants just so we look really really dorky. I managed to do the kids today.
It's so tricky getting the kids to pose perfectly for the camera isn't it? Nevermind this is my sort of perfect & great shots even though they're both wriggly worms. Got one Aaahhh there

I'm also working on my first dress for a dress shop. A lady saw me wearing a dress I made and asked if I could make more for her shop, she said it was just what her customers were looking for. I was just so blown away... little ol me? Anyway this is just the 1st one not finished but this is the general look of the dress.

I'll put the same crochet lace trim around the bottom hem, I just want to keep it simple yet with a hint of elegance.

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