Sunday, May 29, 2011

Revamp: The baby bouncer

Remember these baby bouncers?

Here's an original. I picked it up for a measly $2 at a garage sale when Mr 7 was a wee baby. I tell you that $2 has gone a long way - 3 babies and 7 years later it's still going strong.
I was thinking it was time for a revamp. I have always just thrown a baby blanket over it when they're newborn so there are no indents left in there heads from the mesh, but I thought a custom made cover would look a whole lot nicer.

A bright one with love hearts...

And a softer toned one with butterflies and dragonflies...

I made up 2 so when one's dirty there's another one ready to go. There's nothing to the pattern I simply lay down the bouncer on top of the material and cut out 2 pieces then made the straps. I also put velcro along the bottom so it couldn't slip up and to keep it looking neat. I used a flannelette material so it's nice and cosy.


  1. Our cheapy old bouncer did three babies with a bunny rug chucked over the top. Now you're making me wish I had thought of making a coll cover.
    congrats on number three. She is gorgeous.

  2. Welcome to your new little cherub! Your bouncer cover is pretty and practical.

  3. Lovely to catch up on your blog Ashleigh! Congratulations on your new sweet girl Eloise. I so love that name!

  4. I just bought one of these yesterday 2nd hand and have been trig to picture how to make a new cover. This give me good ideas. Is the flannel stretchy enough? Thanks for posting!