Monday, January 10, 2011

It's not just me...Yippee

Yippee its not just me who had trouble with the Lucy's Kimono out of the Weekend Sewing book by Heather Ross!
I was all inspired to make this cute little kimono for our friends new baby, easy to whip up and doesn't use much fabric. Well as soon as I reached the part about the tie placement in the side seam I thought oh god what is wrong with me I cant follow this, am I really that lacking in sewing abilities that I can't follow a simple pattern! So with my confidence down I hit the internet to see who else has made it and find out what I can learn (don't you love the internet for that!).
Well I sure found a lot on this little Lucys Kimono the pattern isnt' right actually missing these elusive side seam ties altogether! and specifying 1/2 yard of bias binding instead of 1 1/2 yards! Boy oh boy that sure put a smile on my dial, maybe Im not that bad a following a pattern as I first thought!
So my little kimono is still sitting there looking oh so cute until I figure out what to do I was thinking of just putting buttons on instead of the ties on the side. Not sure how this will work, it means it wont be as form fitting as the tied sides.
I also found out there are quite a few mistakes in this beautiful sewing book, so in future I think I will google before starting on my next weekend sewing project.

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