Friday, December 24, 2010

The stockings are hung

Today was a day to whip up a couple of new stockings for my little munchikins.

I figured I new how to make them as they can be pretty basic. One of my very first sewing projects was a stocking for my rascally boy.
I had to make a handmade one also for my rascally girl, so figured it was time to update my boys one too.
I got some great inspiration from this tutorial only I didn't use the batting inside (didn't have any on hand)
I did the cuffs with 3 panels of fabric. note this is the closest to patchwork I have ever gotten, (I do hope to change that in the future!)
I'm still yet to cut there names out in felt and stick them on. They are quite similar, but rascally boy chose the red polka dots and green rick rack, and rascally girl well she seemed to not mind and let mummy make the decision.
Now all that's left is Santas arrival!

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