Thursday, July 8, 2010

Repurposed cardi

This weeks project : A pair of trackies for my little rascally girl.

I found one of my old cardigans in my fabric stash that is just perfect and very warm.
So just as I was about finished with the pants my mind wandered to what else I could do? Overalls kept popping into my head and I knew I had just the right stripey flannelette material to match perfectly. So I grabbed an old pair of her overalls, copied and winged the rest.
Well for my very first ever pair of overalls they worked! They actually worked.
My honest husband says they're a bit clowny! Not at all the brighter the better.....right?
I don't have a photo of her in them yet as she is sleeping but I am just too impatient not to write a post about them right away.
So there we go my warm cosy old cardigan which I bought from Chile years ago will now be wrapped up around my most precious little girl. Aaah. Nice.

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