Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well another year has passed and I've reached yet another birthday. We spent the day at an amazing restaurant up in peaceful Maleny, Gypsy's Table. The chef/owner/waitress is so passionate about good food and makes everything from scratch from the mustard to dessert and everything in between. Such an enjoyable day filled with what matters most.....my family!

Yep I'm one proud mumma.
The next day my rascally boy went fishing with his dad and caught this little beauty!
Just a warning on the next picture it may turn your tummy but is really interesting and incredible to see.

Yes this was the fishes dinner dad found while filleting it. Amazing... the stomach is wrapped around the little fish in preperation of digestion!!! We've seen fishes dinner before but not partly digested dinner. Very interesting & disgusting indeed.

SORRY for a gruesome post!
Happy creating!

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