Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toy car holder & a healing tea.

I have been seeing this toy car holder around crafty blog land for a while and have been wanting to make one for my little man. So finally I got the last bout of inspiration needed from this great blog , and as a well done gift for him for really learning soo much and trying so hard at school, it awaited his arrival.

Well he just loved it. He immediately went to track down his 5 small toy cars and straight away parked them in what we call "The garage".

As i said he only has 5 cars so plenty more car parks left for future cars. I did 4 rows of 4 pockets and the bottom row has 2 large pockets for a bigger car or roads ore whatever he needs it for, i found it hard to find sweet boy car material rather than speedy racey crazy car fabric, so I finally found this material which is a bright road print.

Yay I can cross this off my mental list of things I'd love to do!

We also picked one plant of our Turmeric we have growing yummo a yummy curry was on the cards from rascally daddy, which smelt as good as it tasted. I did a bit of research online to find out how we can use this more than just drying and grinding it!

I found an unreal recipe for a Turmeric tea which is soo super dooper good for absolutely everything, here's the link to the recipe she also lists all the health benefits very interesting, it really is delicious and tastes better than CHAI TEA. Now I know that is a huge call but really it is!! You have to give it a go! You add honey and milk after it brews and yummo feel it warm & heal your body.

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  1. Oh love the toy hanger!! I think one of these is in order for my little man - I am forever stepping on cars!