Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rag rug progress

Here's an update on my rag rug, it's taking me quite a long time but it's not a project I want to rush. It's sort of like a meditation device for me to perch up in bed like a little old lady and slowly but lovingly knot away on this amazing project. Sometimes I'll just sit up in bed and stroke the rug and look at it.

I love that each sheet belonged to someone very dear to me... that's my plan... to be filled with love past and present. and bringing my grandparents old worn sheets & my old sheets new life filled with new love!
This next one was my grandparents, I remember sleeping on these when I was younger, boy I wish they still made sheets like this now! I still have a little bit of the brown (was maroon haha) to finish, I can't wait to start on this new sheet! Oh but still slowly..... slowly.
Tearing up time!
I love when it's all rolled up! It's a piece of art in itself.

This really is a lovely project to do. Has anyone out there ever tried a rag rug or heard anything about one from anyone? I'd love to hear anything about it!


  1. wow, that is an awsome rug, well done! It is lovely that it's got such a nice story behind the materials used in it. Love the old sheets!

  2. This looks great - I have had this one favoured for a while - will try it one day.

  3. Beautiful! I made one I used 2 flat sheets and 3 different pillowcases. Actually the hardest part was the ripping and winding. It turned out and I am giving to a friend. Yet I still need to figure out or if you can tell me how you cut or rip. I made snips and riped back and forth, but when I got to a turn in the sheet it made a lump or did not tuck rigth. Any tips? Also did you cut or rip?