Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something different to start our day

Well we had a different start to our school drop off.
We were just about to jump in the car when Grandad wanted to show us something.

It was a little sugar glider stuck on our barb wire fence the poor little thing. At first we thought the fur was just stuck in the barb but on closer inspection the skin had been pierced and that's what was making it difficult to get off.

So priorities changed and school was delayed for the day until we helped out this poor little cutie.
We ended up having to cut the barb wire fence as it was just way to tangled. So we put it in a box and took it to the vet where they'll either help it themselves or get a wildlife hospital to take him.
I phoned this afternoon to check on him & they had to cut the wire out then stitch him up. So in a few days when fully recovered they will release him back in our yard or nearby.
Oh boy I'm so relieved I've thought about the little fella all day.
Well it sure makes for an interesting show and tell for rascally boy on Thursday.

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