Friday, March 23, 2012

From Mother to Daughter.

I love Fridays for a few years now my mum comes over on a Friday to sew, have a light lunch.... and we chat and chat and chat in between the pauses of  the overlocker....seriously someone could make a fortune if they invented quiet overlockers, most mums I know do their sewing at night when the kids are asleep!!!

Today for me was working on some boys shorts and for mum was a bit of hand sewing which she loves!! (give me machine sewing anyday!)

My mum made a lot of our clothes when I was younger. With 4 daughters I'm not sure whether it was a way of saving money or purely for the joy of sewing, but it got me thinking.... if she wasn't such a crafter and I never saw her sewing as a child would I have still developed the love of sewing that I have today - I think not. 
I also love the fact that I'm carrying on the tradition of creating clothes for my kids... a generation later. I also wonder if one of my children will continue making homemade clothes for there children....I sure hope so.
One last thought....How many of us crafty ladies today had crafty mummas back in the day?

Thanks mum for giving me your crafty love and making lovely memories on our Fridays together  :-)

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