Friday, November 12, 2010

A doomed skirt with a happy ending

Thank goodness there is a happy ending to this skirt, it was started 6 months ago and was meant to be a long skirt for my beautiful sister. She had seen the long skirt I made for myself a little while ago which took me 1 afternoon.

Well after cutting it wrong then putting it away hoping it would fix itself then correcting it wrong the again hoping it would fix itself then to a broken overlocker needle then from a long skirt to 3/4 I finally got there exsausted and so happy the tale of the doomed skirt had ended and met its rightful owner.

There are some projects that are meant to be so easy yet turn out to be the hardest for whatever reason. This was one of them. My sister is over the moon about it as she picked the material just for her, and now has a new skirt.

I love the skirt but glad to say goodbye.

1 comment:

  1. Does B know you put her in your blog looking a bit like a deer in the headlights?
    Love the skirt, it looks great!