Monday, May 10, 2010

oh boy oh boy

oh boy oh boy my boy has grown!

He's now a big 6 year old! It's funny how big 6 seems, he's now no longer holding onto that 5 and under category where he can still feel like my little boy by only being 5.
6 takes it to a different level.
Sloping roofed gingerbread house, someone call the builder!
So 6 years ago I had my most magical first mothers day by bringing a brand new life into this world, and now 6 yrs later it's fallen on mothers day again. Oh what a most precious gift i was given.
Celebrations were made for a beautiful souled child and thanks were given for allowing me to share in his company everyday. I give thanks to the universe!
On a different note, mending was done on a favourite pair of torn kneed pants.
Good ol knee pads.

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