Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here's a start

Yippee, I have started my project for this week. I hope to be nearly finished friday as that is my sewing day with my mama! (I look forward to that all week!) I tell ya she has such an enviable fabric collection from 20+ years of buying fabric they are all gorgeous, unique and so cheap compared to what they are now!

First... this is a lovely arrival of fabric I was hanging out for it's so bright and happy.

And here is proof that I have started! And getting somewhere!

These squares are for my rascally girls hanging name cubes

Some of these fabrics are so dear to me, my mum got me quite a few unique ones on her travels to amish country last year.

This one is a sweet little peter rabbit.

And these are my boys, I picked all his favourite materials and ones that he has chosen over time when out fabric shopping. I've started sewing them up....

This one just needs to go and get stuffed! (sorry very corny, just couldn't resist).

I hope your week is filled with crafty happenings.

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