Friday, April 16, 2010

A delivery (of the postman kind)

Just the delivery I've been waiting for, I would have preferred a bit more of different fabrics, but hey I'm easily pleased and better than none right?

I can't remember the names of fabric I think the girly one was a hummingbird something. I just adore it, it's so sweet, I can imagine a strip of this down the front of some simple little girls dresses.

And this boyish cargo plane print is perfect for boys I see pockets on pants or I even thought an applique of a plane, woohoo cant wait. Now just for some time please!!!

I baked a chocolate chiffon cake yesterday, I'd been eyeing it off in the cookbook for ages and finally got the courage to give it a go for a friends birthday dinner. I'd never used gelatine before and was a bit scared, but it completely worked better than I thought, especially as I had no time to make (one of those rushed go go go days yesterday!)
I didn't get a photo of it cut but it worked and looked just right. Someone even said they thought it was bought! Good compliment!

Cooking is such a fun relaxing hobby for me just like sewing those two combined could fill any day of mine any time!!! Ah bliss!! But no hobby can beat big slobbery kisses from my kiddies!!!

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