Monday, February 22, 2010

Rag rug take 2

So I had finished my failed 1st rag rug which is now a bowl that holds my crochet doilies.
Failed? no nothing's ever failed just altered, though I was not satisfied with just my bowl when I really wanted a rug.
So if at first you don't succeed try try again. I did and my 2nd attempt at a rag rug is actually really working.....IT"S FLAT!!!!!!!!
I am so excited that it's not curling up. I'd been googling and worked out I had been doing too bigger stitches which then cause it to go tight and curl up so I add more knots on a loop and bingo no more bowls. I may just do another bowl though I really quite like the rustic look of them.
Here's a couple photos from our day in the garden.
A legless lizard

Some yummy fennel.

And I thought I'd throw in a really yummy curry pie my rascally husband made. It was devine!
Hope everyone had a blissful weekend!!

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