Thursday, December 31, 2009

Busy build up to christmas

I was pretty busy over the build up to christmas, I thought it would be great if this year I handmade as many gifts as I could for my family. I'd like to share a few favourites I accomplished. I was really pleased with the way this bag turned out, it's a drawstring knitting bag for my sister.

Also for my new baby niece Summer a name hanging for her nursery then later mum & dad can cut the string and she has some nice soft playing blocks to discover, also for baby Summer a bright little skirt.

Here's a gift I received which I was absolutely thrilled about!! Such a good book I would highly recommend it. I have already made a wrap skirt from it which I altered into something a bit different. I would definately love to share that in a future post.

Until then I wish everyone a happy new years eve.

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